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Boots For Kids To Kick Around In

Boots, Boots, Boots! With there being storm after storm brewing in the UK this month, are your little ones feet prepared for the cold wind, rain and even snow which is still expected all over the UK? Don’t worry if not because here at we have a wide selection of shoes ready to protect little feet whatever the weather while still looking stylish and trendy. Whether they need something for school, weekends parties or just everyday wear. With multiple brands offering modern and on-trend shoes and boots for girls... Read More

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Start-rite Specials

Start-Rite shoes have been with kids from an early age and that’s what makes this brand and its shoes so special. Crafted with care, Start-Rite have been around since 1792 with you every step of the way. Allowing children to have the freedom they need to stride with confidence even if they get knocked down along the way. Renowned experts in little feet, cushioned insoles and soft leathers are used in each shoe for long lasting comfort, while a flexibility and lightweight outer-sole gives uninhabited movement and maximum sensory feedback.... Read More