FitFlop Allegro Ballet Flats 30/04/2019
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3 Reasons You NEED FitFlop Allegro Ballet Flats

  Now, we know how much you (our customers, friends, family, blog readers) love FitFlop and we totally agree! You can always trust them to come out with shoes that are not only super comfy but super trendy as well. What more could you want? With Summer fast approaching (it’s closer than you think!) and being in the midst of Spring, I thought it only right to talk about one of our favourite FitFlop newcomers this year: Allegro Ballet Flats. As you probably guessed reading the title, I have put... Read More

Mother's Day Gift Guide 28/03/2019
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Mother’s Day – What To Get For Your Mum

Shopping for Mother’s Day can be super hard when your Mum deserves way more than money can buy! It’s also hard to not get her the same as you did last year – chocolates, wine, flowers. I mean, it’s not like they would ever complain about getting chocolate, wine or flowers, but sometimes you want to switch it up a bit and get her something MORE. Don’t get me wrong, Mother’s Day isn’t all about who can buy their Mum the best and most expensive present, but it is nice... Read More

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What To Wear To Wimbledon | Shoetique Footwear Tips

The fashion event of the summer is just around the corner and with A-list celebrities and royals in attendance, you will really have to up your fashion game. Yes, that’s right, it’s the Wimbledon final. Something your probably not used to dressing for is the heat and this year may just be one of the warmest finals on record. Is it possible to pull off a sophisticated and smart look without melting?   Wear White  White will be your best friend this summer, it’s not only a sleek and stylish choice,... Read More

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Keep Feet Looking Great This Summer | Footcare Tips

It’s finally time to let your feet free! With one of the hottest summers on record, your sandals will definitely be getting some wear this year and that means one thing – exposed feet! It’s so important to take care of your feet, especially when they are on display. Here we have put together some tips on How To Keep Feet Looking Great This Summer! Exfoliate Regularly  Using an exfoliating scrub or cloth in the shower is a quick and easy way to keep feet looking and feeling great. The heat... Read More

FitFlop Sandals, Shoes & Boots 28/06/2018
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Your Summer is Sorted with FitFlop | Shoetique

FitFlop is a brand famous for its comfortable footwear, launched 11 years ago the original chunky soled sandals completely changed the market and fast became a staple for many. 11 years on and the brand now stocks a huge range of Sandals, shoes and boots all designed with comfort at the forefront. Summer Sandals  The change in weather is the perfect excuse to update your footwear collection with a fabulous pair of sandals!  You need to choose your style carefully with FitFlop, don’t get overwhelmed with the huge collection of over 150... Read More