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Shoetique A-Z of Summer – K is for KYS™

FitFlop are an extremely popular brand of footwear, designed especially with comfort in mind but still remain so stylish. It has been said that FitFlop shoes absorb shock and reduce the stress on a person’s ankles and knees, which can make a huge difference to every day walking. In 2004 the founder of FitFlop, Marcia Kilgore, teamed up with two biomechanists who spent over two years developing a technology that would benefit the feet. In 2007 FitFlop was born. At first FitFlop offered just one sandal which was available in... Read More


Shoetique A-Z of Summer – J is for Jellies

There is no happier feeling than buying a new pair of shoes! If you’re looking for a bang on trend kind of shoe that didn’t break the bank then look at Shoetique for some Jelly shoes! I have always loved Jelly shoes as I child I could have possibly had them in every colour possible! With spring on the way, here are a few options for you fellow jelly-lovers…   The Mel Sandals Honey Flower comes in two different colours; Stone Contrast and Black Contrast. They are a gorgeous and... Read More

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Shoetique A-Z of Summer – I is for Isna Pebble

Clarks are a brand known all over the world and they are one of Britain’s best high-end retail shoemakers. Their reputation is one of comfort, style, and affordability so everyone can have great looking and comfortable feet. Clarks are great at making and designing shoes that you can wear all the time, and also afford at all times!   Everyone knows that in order to have the perfect summer, you need a perfect pair of reliable sandals that you can wear day in day out. You need something comfortable, breathable,... Read More


Shoetique A-Z of Summer – D is for Dannii

Alert! A new sandal has landed at Shoetique… Dannii Minogue’s Rockstar range for Holster! She’s one of Australia’s biggest style icons and has been a massive fan of the brand for some years now, so she has decided to team up with Holster to become the face of their hottest creation yet! A number of celebrities around the world choose Holster but Dannii Minogue is definitely Holsters biggest fan. She is now the Ambassador for the new “Rockstar” range and she has recently said “Teaming up with Holster was all... Read More