Shoetique 17/01/2019
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Boots Sale – Our Top 9 Picks

Are you tired of scrolling deeper and deeper into sales and never having any luck? Well, here we have our Top 9 Picks From Our Boots Sale to save you time! It can get boring and quite repetitive when you’re looking through all the sales and, more often than not, you can’t find your perfect pair. With the help of this blog that is written for all you bargain hunters (let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bargain?!), you’ll have no problem finding a pair of boots you LOVE at... Read More

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5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Black Friday

Along with Cyber Monday, Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days worldwide, but what are the origins of this shopping phenomenon? We have come up with 5 things that you probably didn’t know about Black Friday! 1.“Black Friday” may be used to describe a shopping frenzy however the term was used to refer to stock market crashes during the 1800’s. The term was used for the first time in the US on 24th September 1869 when the market was flooded with gold by the government in response to... Read More

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Grab a Bargain in Shoetique’s 1/2 Price Sale

We all love a bargain – who wouldn’t want gorgeous shoes at a fantastic price? Here at Shoetique we have some brilliant bargains and if you click here you will see our fabulous collection of shoes ½ price or less (yes, really)! Having wonderful looking feet has never been easier and to make browsing even simpler for you, we have selected our top picks of the most stylish shoes at the best prices! Happy shopping! The sleek and sophisticated FitFlop™ Twisted Zip Knee DuéBoot™ All Black will go with every outfit... Read More

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$1bn in 8 Minutes – Chinese Singles’ Day

Chinese Singles Day is a once-a-year event that eclipses the UK’s and even the USA’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. With a unique history and record-breaking sales, it is a modern-day phenomenon. Singles’ Day was started in the 1990s by students as an anti-Valentine’s Day, designed for single people to celebrate their single status. Celebrated on November 11th, it is also known as ‘bare sticks holiday’ due to the date, or ‘bachelors’ day’ to symbolise the ever-growing number of single men under 30 caused by the vast gender imbalance. Single people... Read More

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FitFlop™ Summer Sale – Our Top 5 Picks

With so many great bargains in our FitFlop™ range here at Shoetique this season, it’s sometimes hard to decide which pair to buy. We have hand selected our top 5 FitFlop­™ sale bargains to make things a little easier for you! From simple and stylish to something a little more glamorous, there is a FitFlop™ style that you’ll love. 1. Simple yet stunning, The Skinny™ Urban White 2014 sandals look great with a golden summer’s glow and a pair of shorts or a dress. Great to dress up or down... Read More