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EMU Australia – Luxury For Your Feet

We see a lot of footwear at Shoetique HQ that it takes something really extra special to grab our attention and make us add it to our ‘Shoetique Wish List’ and start dropping hints to family about  this must-have boot that we would REALLY like for Christmas! Well, the EMU Australia Sandy Bay Fold-Over Boots really are that extra special and are currently the Shoetique’s HQ’s ‘I need these in my life’ must have item, and I can confirm that I am currently wearing my very own pair as I write... Read More


Sheepskin – What You Need To Know

For the last century, Sheepskin has been used increasingly within a wide range of products. From footwear to gloves and bedding, there is no limit to where the benefits of sheepskin are being applied. Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep and is often referred to as lambswool. It is known for it’s soft and insulating qualities, as well as being highly hypoallergenic. The history of the Sheepskin boot spans across the world, especially within Australia and Asia. A soft, slip on sheepskin boots was developed and soon coined the... Read More

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Last Minute Stocking Fillers

With just a week to go until the 25th, the pre-Christmas rush will have started for many of us. Rather than battling through the city centre crowds and spending hours queueing to buy the last minute essentials, why not check out our Christmas Shop for some ideas and inspiration? If you’re still after a few stocking fillers and smaller gifts, look no further than to find the perfect slippers, gloves or earmuffs. We’ve picked out some of our favourite items to inspire you…. Bedroom Athletics Slippers Marilyn The Marilyn... Read More

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Winter Warmers – Fabulous Gloves and Earmuffs from Emu

It is DEFINITELY Winter now. The DE-icer is in use, the ice scrapers are at the ready and there are gently cracks and clicks as the car starts to defrost. You have almost sorted out your winter wardrobe. You have the waterproof winter boots, the trusty winter coat, and the snuggest of welly socks to keep your toes warm. Although your feet are feeling happy and cosy, your pink ears and your frozen fingers are not. They long for the warmth that soft sheepskin brings. Emu have designed sleek and... Read More