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Home Made Edible Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time of giving which can often lead to it being a very expensive time of year! Thinking of the perfect gift for family members and friends can be difficult sometimes, which is why we think edible gifts are a perfect idea because, well, who doesn’t love food? Cost effective, fun and really thoughtful too. Take a look at our edible gift ideas inspiration – feel free to tweak the recipes as you go depending on certain tastes that your friends and family have – enjoy getting festive... Read More

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Warming Winter Desserts

Winter is for indulging in lovely, home-made food, and dessert is definitely on our menu! Winter desserts are all about filling, hearty ingredients – whether your preference is fruit, chocolate, or toffee, we have something that will tempt you! A few of us in the Shoetique office have got a bit of a sweet tooth so we’ve picked out a few of our favourite desserts. These recipes are easy to make, and cost-effective so why not treat yourself and your family? Apple Crisp Tasty and hearty, this gorgeous Apple Crisp... Read More