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Crafts for the Kids

Thinking of things to do with the kids every day during the summer holidays can sometimes be a challenge, especially when they weather plays up! We have put together a list of craft ideas for you to do with the little ones that can be done indoors or outdoors that will bring some excitement to those long summer days. Bubble Painting You will need: – A tray or a bowl (big enough for a piece of A4/A5 paper – Paint – Washing up liquid – A drinking straw – Paper What... Read More

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International Sculpture Day

Sculptures are fantastic creations for the eyes to behold. International Sculpture Day is an annual celebration to further the creation and understanding of sculpture, and its unique and important contribution to society. Sculptures tell us so much about history and important figures of the day. Sculptures are a way to escape from the real world and delve into something that we know. Sculptures tend to represent how we live and how our senses interpret the world around us. With that being said, here in the Shoetique office we thought we’d... Read More