Josef Seibel Comfort 11/07/2018
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Which Footwear Brand is Best For Comfort? | Shoetique

Comfort is important when it comes to footwear, but with the huge range of brands and styles available, it’s almost impossible to know which is best. Choosing comfort doesn’t have to mean compromising especially at Shoetique! Here we look at a selection of our brands and the key selling points that make them so comfortable.   FitFlop  The original FitFlop sandals were designed to be the most comfortable sandals on the market, 11 years later the brand has grown it’s range to include shoes, boots and sneakers while managing to... Read More

How To Measure Feet 06/07/2018
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How To Measure Your Shoe Size | Shoetique

With more and more people turning to convenience when shopping, online has completely taken over the high street. As incredible as having shoes delivered to your door the next day is, often people struggle with sizings, especially when it comes to footwear. It’s a question we regularly get asked and today we are going to try and help you accurately measure your shoe size at home. What You Will Need  Long ruler or Tape Measure Piece of Card/Paper Pen Tape Step 1.  Tape your Piece of paper to the floor to... Read More

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Summer ’17 Trend Guide

Summer is nearly here and it could possibly be our favourite time of year! The days are  longer, the birds seem happier and life generally seems a little brighter. Being shoe fanatics of course our thoughts turn to new season trends and what we will be wearing on our feet next! To make life easy for you, we’ve put together a Summer Trend guide so you know exactly what’s in right now and how to style the things you love. We even have Fast UK Delivery to ensure you get... Read More

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Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Now autumn is upon us, it’s time to start thinking of the garden and how to prepare it for the coldest months of the year! You’ll be glad you put a little time aside to take care of your outside space come spring next year when the flowers blossom and the grass glows green! With a few handy tips, you can easily ‘put your garden to bed’ for the winter. The Lawn Go over your entire lawn with a rake to remove any moss which will allow it to breathe... Read More

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Things I would Tell My High School Self

Things I would Tell My High School Self With school starting again for another year, it got us thinking in the Shoetique office about when school uniform and homework was a part of our everyday lives! If we could tell our high school selves something now, having been through the ups and downs and made it through the dramas that seemed never ending, what would it be? 1) Stop comparing yourself to others. People notice less than you might think as they are so wrapped up in their own lives... Read More