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How To Measure Feet 06/07/2018
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How To Measure Your Shoe Size | Shoetique

With more and more people turning to convenience when shopping, online has completely taken over the high street. As incredible as having shoes delivered to your door the next day is, often people struggle with sizings, especially when it comes to footwear. It’s a question we regularly get asked and today we are going to try and help you accurately measure your shoe size at home. What You Will Need  Long ruler or Tape Measure Piece of Card/Paper Pen Tape Step 1.  Tape your Piece of paper to the floor to... Read More

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Keep Feet Looking Great This Summer | Footcare Tips

It’s finally time to let your feet free! With one of the hottest summers on record, your sandals will definitely be getting some wear this year and that means one thing – exposed feet! It’s so important to take care of your feet, especially when they are on display. Here we have put together some tips on How To Keep Feet Looking Great This Summer! Exfoliate Regularly  Using an exfoliating scrub or cloth in the shower is a quick and easy way to keep feet looking and feeling great. The heat... Read More


Bank Holiday BBQ Recipes

Food always tastes better outside doesn’t it? The weather is finally ready for us BBQ lovers and it’s perfect timing as it’s the bank holiday weekend! We want to make sure you have the tastiest BBQ yet so we’ve put together a few recipes for you to try this weekend. We’d love to hear what your favourite BBQ recipes are on our Facebook or Twitter page. BBQ Baby Potatoes What You’ll Need: 750g miniature new potatoes 2 tbsp olive oil Tin foil Method: If your BBQ has not already been... Read More

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Have Shoes, Will Travel

Over the recent school holidays I was lucky enough to travel to Portugal on holiday, (Vilamoura to be exact and by the way it was fabulous!). As always I was faced with the dilemma of what to wear to travel in – something to look stylish while offering comfort whilst standing in all the numerous airport queues and wandering about the airport. I also wanted something that I could slip on and off easily as I am always caught at security and asked to remove my shoes to be scanned!... Read More

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Shoetique A-Z of Summer – Z is for Zips

We all love a good zip not just for shoes but for your clothes, bags or accessories. A simple but yet a fantastic device that consists of two flexible strips of metal or plastic with interlocking projections which is opened or closed by pulling a slide along them. Let’s take a look a shoe with Zips! The Gabor 84.164.21 is a fantastic leather pump which can be dressed up or down and worn day or night…perfect for wearing with skinny jeans or trousers!! Whilst the front zip allows for easy... Read More