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Mother's Day Gift Guide 28/03/2019
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Mother’s Day – What To Get For Your Mum

Shopping for Mother’s Day can be super hard when your Mum deserves way more than money can buy! It’s also hard to not get her the same as you did last year – chocolates, wine, flowers. I mean, it’s not like they would ever complain about getting chocolate, wine or flowers, but sometimes you want to switch it up a bit and get her something MORE. Don’t get me wrong, Mother’s Day isn’t all about who can buy their Mum the best and most expensive present, but it is nice... Read More

Shoetique Ebay Shop 14/09/2018

Is It Safe To Shop On eBay? | Shoetique Tips

With Amazon seemingly taking over the world and the change in how we all shop, other marketplaces such as eBay or Fruugo have decided to get in on the action. Historically Ebay was a bidding site, a place you could buy and sell second-hand furniture, games, clothes – pretty much anything you could think of! It was the modern day car boot sale and it quickly became one of the largest internet selling sites. In the past 15 years the way that eBay sells has completely changed but not many people know about this!... Read More

FitFlop Metallics 17/08/2018
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How to Wear Metallics At Any Age | Shoetique

Trends will come and go so quickly that it’s almost impossible to keep up! One trend that seems to be lasting the test of time is the metallics trends, from silver jackets to gold shoes, the eye-catching trend seems to be here to stay. Metallics can be a subtle yet interesting way to complete an outfit if you style them right. Looking to incorporate metallics into your wardrobe – then read on! Keep It Simple  The key to nailing metallics is to not overdo it. Stick to one main piece within... Read More

FitFlop Glitterball 01/08/2018

Can Your Shoes Change Your Mood? | Shoetique

Our bestseller this week has been the FitFlop Glitterball Sandals and it got me to thinking… How could anyone feel down with a such a sparkly pair of sandals on their feet? Is it possible that something as simple as putting our favourite pair of shoes on can completely change our mood? So I decided to do a bit of research and see what I could discover. The Heels Phenomenon A common theme I found in my research was the confidence the women find in wearing heels. I had never really... Read More

How To Measure Feet 06/07/2018
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How To Measure Your Shoe Size | Shoetique

With more and more people turning to convenience when shopping, online has completely taken over the high street. As incredible as having shoes delivered to your door the next day is, often people struggle with sizings, especially when it comes to footwear. It’s a question we regularly get asked and today we are going to try and help you accurately measure your shoe size at home. What You Will Need  Long ruler or Tape Measure Piece of Card/Paper Pen Tape Step 1.  Tape your Piece of paper to the floor to... Read More