Boots For Kids To Kick Around In

Boots, Boots, Boots!

With there being storm after storm brewing in the UK this month, are your little ones feet prepared for the cold wind, rain and even snow which is still expected all over the UK?

Don’t worry if not because here at we have a wide selection of shoes ready to protect little feet whatever the weather while still looking stylish and trendy. Whether they need something for school, weekends parties or just everyday wear.

With multiple brands offering modern and on-trend shoes and boots for girls and boys, take a look and secure your deal of the day at

The Clarks Crown Hike boots are great for children who love the great outdoors. A modern take on the classic hiking boot, a pop of colour has been added on the laces to brighten up the leather uppers.

The trendy Vans SK8 Mid Reissue features MTE 360 all weather protection which has been incorporated into the Vans leather boots, perfect for weekends full of outdoor terrains.

Clarks City Oasis Hi T
Full of sparkles and shimmer your daughter won’t be missed in the Clarks City Oasis Hi T. Perfect to add some sparkle to any outfit, smooth leather and glittered uppers rest atop the modern and trendy silhouette.

The high abrasion mudguard sole is what makes the Clarks Tri Voyage boots super quirky and on trend. With soft leather uppers, these boots feature a mixture of both a traditional and athleisure style, ideal for everyday and running around.

Perfect for casual or active wear, the Skechers Velocitrek feature a water repellent construction ideal for any outdoor activities, especially in cold rainy weather. Shock absorbing mid soles and a air-cooled memory foam insoles will provide comfort and support for your child’s feet throughout wear. 

Start-rite Splash
Practical and stylish, the Startrite Splash aqua-rite is perfect for splashing around in the colder weather. With premium suede and leather uppers and aqua rite technology, these boots can be dressed up or down for any occasions. Keeping your feet dry and your boots smart the Startrite splash are a must have in your child’s wardrobe.

By Lucy Warren

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