How To Stop Shoe’s From Rubbing

As eager as we are to wear our new shoes, wearing them in is important but can be an uncomfortable process.

Footwear should support, protect and provide comfort to feet during wear, so its important to get this right, as if you’re not in your bed you’re in your shoes.

It’s important to wear shoes that fit true to your size while allowing some room for growth. The most common reasons why shoes rub is due to them being the wrong size or width. We offer a wide selection of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes in a variety of width fittings, so everyone can find their perfect shoe.

How to prevent shoes from rubbing?

Wear your shoes in and around the house with socks before adventuring out to the great outdoor, to ensure the leather can loosen up and allow your feet to get use to their new surroundings.

With our wide range of canvas shoes we have tips and tricks to help prevent them from rubbing against feet and stop the blistering. Canvas can sometimes be hard, so if you wiggle the canvas by bending and moving it back and fourth and side to side to loose it off then this will make it easier when it comes to wearing your new shoes.

Thick socks to can protect feet throughout wear so they won’t rub against your skin, socks will make it easier for new shoes to be worn in and help them get use to the feel of being worn.

There are many tricks and tales on how to prevent shoes rubbing but investing in a comfortable and sensible pair of shoes is the start that we would always suggest.

By Lucy Warren

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