Who Are Rieker Shoes? This Season’s Must Have Brand!

Who are Rieker Shoes? At Shoetique, Rieker Footwear has always been a strong and reliable brand. With their impressive reputation for comfortable and stylish shoes, this season has seen the brand become bigger than ever before. From their warm winter boots to their smart and sophisticated shoes they are always sure to cater to their customer’s needs. In September they launched their first ever TV Advert, bringing a whole new audience to the brand. So who are Rieker and why is their footwear so impressive? Here we answer the most asked questions and look at where Rieker started, what is an Antistress Sole, are Rieker shoes waterproof and even how to Clean your Rieker Footwear.

Rieker Footwear

What Are Rieker Shoes? 

Founded in Germany over 100 years ago, Rieker are a footwear and accessories brand that pride themselves on creating products that are both comfortable and stylish. They originally began producing shoes in 1874 for the affluent citizens of northern Italy and their reputation for quality in both the design and construction of their shoes is something that has helped the company to become what it is today. You can now buy their products from over 9,000 retailers, mainly based in Europe. We are incredibly proud to be one of the official Stockists. The brand’s Antistress technology is featured in every single shoe and creates a completely unique comfort experience.  It’s so important when purchasing shoes to choose a brand that you can trust.

What Is An Antistress Sole? 

As mentioned earlier, every single pair of Rieker footwear, Including Rieker Shoes, Boots and Sandals features their famous antistress sole. Not many people know what this means and so we are here to help! The Antistress sole is a completely unique comfort experience that has been developed over 140 years. Using lightweight materials, the antistress sole absorbs shock and cushions feet while still remaining completely flexible. This ensures the least amount of impact on your feet without affecting your natural walk. The college of Podiatry reported that footwear is the largest cause of foot complaints in the UK and yet almost half of us still buy shoes that are too small and a quarter wear footwear that is too large. This shows just how important it is to find the right footwear for you.


Are Rieker Shoes Waterproof?

Rieker is one of the only brands we stock that do a range of waterproof footwear called Rieker-Tex. These shoes feature a high-quality membrane that is designed to protect the shoe from any moisture. Exactly how waterproof the Tex Membrane is difficult to say, it does depend on external factors such as the type of moisture and the time you are exposed to it for. The great thing about these shoes is they need little maintenance, as long as you look after them as you would any shoes then they should keep their waterproof properties without issues.

Rieker Tex

How To Clean Rieker Shoes?

This is always the most asked question when it comes to any of our shoes because let’s be honest shoes can get dirty very easily – especially at this time of year. Unfortunately, there is not just one easy answer for this, as with all brands cleaning you Rieker shoe depends completely on the materials it is made from. We do list all our materials in the product descriptions and they can also be found on the label attached to the shoes.  Here I have outlined the  3 main types of materials used on Rieker products and how to clean them.


Rieker Materials

1.Vegan Materials

This incorporates both textile and other materials, with Rieker products these are designed to be easy care materials. With this construction, it is best to use a damp cloth with a mild soap and gently wipe the shoes. This will remove any dirt, salt or grease. It is really important to not use any sprays or waxes on these materials as it could damage them.

2. Leather

We always recommend to protect your leather footwear when you purchase them. This could be with a wax or protective spray, these are really affordable and easy to get hold of. It is important to mention that leather encompasses a variety of different materials which you may not always associate with being leather, for example, suede or nubuck. Ensure you get a protector that is the right one for the specific leather your shoes are made from.



Are Rieker Shoes Fashionable?

I think this question answers itself when you look at our Rieker Collection. They are a company that really does their research and brings you designs that are fashion-forward and wearable. The combine unusual patterns with classic looking style for a completely fabulous look. If you aren’t convinced yet then here are some of our bestselling styles from this season.


1. Rieker z1580 Heeled Boots 

Rieker Z1580 Boots

Upper Material: Synthetic
Lining: Long Lamb Wool
Fastening: Side Zip
Heel: 3 inch
Insole: AntiStress
Outsole: Synthetic


2.Rieker Y7213 Ankle Boots 



Rieker Y7213 Ankle Boots

Upper Material: Synthetic
Lining: Textile
Fastening: Side Zip
Heel: 2 inch
Insole: Rieker Anti Stress
Outsole: Textured Rubber



3.Rieker 93655 Long Boots Rieker 93655 Boots



Upper Material: Synthetic
Lining: Textile
Fastening: Zip
Heel: 1.5 inch
Insole: Anti-Stress insole
Outsole: Rubber
Leg Height: (from the highest point) 42 cm incl. heel

In Conclusion, we truly believe that Rieker is a brand worth talking about. They consistently create impressive footwear which we are extremely proud to stock. Their huge range of boots, shoes and sandals will make a great addition to any wardrobe, once you try this brand you will never go back! Shop Our Full Range of Rieker Here


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