Three Shoes Every Woman Needs | Summer Wardrobe

Summer styling can be difficult, the warm weather creates more issues. It’s time to get back to basics with summer footwear, all you need are 3 staple pieces to see you through the summer and you will be sorted. Sit back and discover how to shop smarter this summer.

Summer Shopping


Comfortable Shoes 

Every woman needs a go-to pair of shoes that you can just throw on every day without worrying. There are two key considerations to think about when purchasing shoes – are they comfortable? Will they go with everything? This is the difference between a pair of shoes you never take off and that pair of shoes that sit at the back of your wardrobe.

Black or white are classic options that will never go out of fashion and you can pair them with almost any outfit. Personally, I would go with white for summer as it’s lighter and brighter. Comfort is so important so buying from a brand that specialises in that is a better option. You may have to spend a little more but for the quality, it is definitely worth the extra cost.

Waterproof Sandals 

This may seem like a strange one but Summer is filled with holidays, trips to the beach and occasionally rainy weather. Therefore you need a pair of sandals that can handle everything summer has to throw at you and can still look stylish for every day. Flip Flops are always a great option and can feel like your wearing nothing on your feet. If you wanted something with a bit more support Skechers do a great range of sporty sandals that are really on trend for this summer.












Wedge Heels 

Summer evenings are the perfect excuse to get dressed up an head out. More practical and casual than stilettos, a wedge sandal is the perfect evening accessory. Whether you are wearing a flowy maxi dress or lightweight linen trousers a pair of wedges is guaranteed to look stylish and sophisticated.

If you are jetting off for a beach holiday a wedge heel is perfect! You can wear them all day, from beach to bar and feel confident that you will be comfortable and well dressed all day!


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