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Since 1886 Josef Seibel has been a leading footwear manufacturer in Europe and has managed to build a reputation for quality and comfort. Here at Shoetique, they have been a key brand for us and we are proud to have stocked their ranges for many years. Despite their reputation and longevity, there is still one question we get asked daily – How Do You Pronounce Josef Seibel? I’m sure for any German customers it’s simple but here we have a range of opinions on how to pronounce the famous brand’s name.

Josef Seibel


Now I think we can all agree on how to pronounce Josef, that’s the simple one. It’s the Seibel part the people get stuck on – Sigh-bull? Say-bull? See-bull? The truth is we aren’t 100% sure on the correct pronunciation!

When speaking to the brand themselves most people will say ‘Sigh-bull’ this is therefore how I have chosen to pronounce it. On the other hand, before writing this blog I had a little look into the origin of the word and most websites explained it was supposed to be pronounced ‘Say-Bull’. I think it’s fair to say it’s probably one of those words that we will never be 10o% sure on the exact pronunciation and will continue to embarrass ourselves trying to pronounce.

At least it’s a name you won’t forget in a rush!

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