Planned A Last Minute Holiday? Our Top Packing Tips!

With the heatwave behind us, the rain seems to be making up for lost time and although it’s still only August, Summer seems to have come and gone. With Europe and the rest of the world still experiencing temperatures up to 35 degrees it’s time to pack your bags and get far away. A last minute holiday is a great way to get a bargain but can leave you with very little time to prepare. We all know that packing and unpacking is one of the downsides of travelling but with our Top Tips, we can make it as pain-free as possible!


Pack Clothes That Are Versatile

It’s very tempting when you go away to make a fashion statement but packing something that can only be worn once is a waste of space. Keep things simple! A white top can be mixed and matched with anything from Jeans to shorts to skirts to create a completely different outcome each time. Another great option is a dress, lightweight and comfortable a good dress is an entire outfit in one!

Keep It Comfortable 

Don’t pack that new pair of shoes you have never worn before – this is a recipe for disaster! Pick clothing and footwear that you can rely on, there is nothing worse than blisters and rubbing while you’re trying to enjoy your day. Shoes can take up a lot of space in your suitcase so something lightweight and comfortable is best.

Check The Weather Before You Go

Summer abroad can be just an unpredictable as it is here. Don’t just assume it’s going to be hot and warm before you pack, check the weather forecast regularly to make sure you pack accordingly. If the weathers looking unpredictable then items that can be layered up is a great way to be more prepared.

Be Ruthless 

I’m sure we have all been guilty of overpacking, especially when we have left it last minute. It’s important not to rush and forget that one essential thing, start by packing the things you will need, e.g toothbrush, toiletries, underwear etc. You can then see how much space is left for outfit options and footwear. You have to be ruthless, if you aren’t sure about something then it’s probably a no.


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