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Finding shoes that fit perfectly can seem impossible at times. Each brand can vary with their sizings and with no legal standardisation for footwear sizes how can anyone truly know what their shoe size is! FitFlop is a huge global brand known for their comfortable and stylish shoes, sandals and boots and they just happen to be one of our favourites. To help you decide on the size and style of FitFlop that will best suit keep reading…

How Do FitFlop Fit

Let’s Start At The Bottom

The key to FitFlop’s success is their biomechanically designed footbeds, these are the foundation for the comfort of their products. There are 3 main footbeds, each with their own unusual name. The original and most popular base is the Microwobbleboard – this is found on most of their sandals. Then we have the anatomicush midsole and the SupercomFF Midsole which are more recent additions to the collection. This is important to the fit as each base has its own sizing. The most recent style is the iQushion Flip Flops which tend to be quite a standard fit.

FitFlop Sizings

Moving Onwards and Upwards

When it comes to the upper it’s difficult to give an accurate sizing as each style can vary. For example, the Uberknit has a stretchy upper which allows for a more generous fit. At shoetique, we always recommend reading the product reviews. Each of our products has specific reviews and you will find that if there is an issue with sizing someone will have voiced it.

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