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Our bestseller this week has been the FitFlop Glitterball Sandals and it got me to thinking… How could anyone feel down with a such a sparkly pair of sandals on their feet? Is it possible that something as simple as putting our favourite pair of shoes on can completely change our mood? So I decided to do a bit of research and see what I could discover.

FitFlop Glitterball

The Heels Phenomenon

A common theme I found in my research was the confidence the women find in wearing heels. I had never really thought about it before but it all started to make sense to me! We wear heels in situations where we want to feel our best – Job interviews, Important meetings, Nights out, meals at fancy restaurants are all times where a pair of heels are the perfect accessory. Why is this? Is it the physical difference in height that makes us feel taller, more powerful? Is it more an aesthetic thing, we look nicer so, therefore, feel better?

Whatever it may be, since heels were invented in the 10th century they have been a tool women use to boost confidence. Something I’m sure a lot of people today can relate too!

The Pain of Uncomfortable Shoes

Now this is something I can definitely relate to. Have you ever had a pair of uncomfortable shoes completely ruin even the most exciting day? A few years ago I travelled to Rome for a quick weekend away and took my favourite and most comfortable sandals with me – a choice I was pretty confident with! What never crossed my mind was that my feet would swell in the unbearable heat and cause my sandals to rub and blister my entire foot. To this day all I can remember about Rome was the pain of walking around with blistered feet. So in short, yes I can TOTALLY see how uncomfortable, ill-fitting or unsupportive footwear can ruin your mood.

A Touch Of Sparkle 

It may not be practical to wear sparkly or metallic shoes on a daily basis but if you wake up one morning, it’s grey and miserable, you have a day full of chores and boring jobs try slipping on some sparkly shoes- maybe the FitFlop Glitterball? A study found that bright, colourful or eye-catching footwear can actually make you feel happier. Every time you look down at your feet your mood will be lifted! I’m no scientist but I believe it’s to do with the feeling that you are treating yourself. It’s something different that you wouldn’t normally do which is a bit exciting.

As they say, You can’t buy happiness but you can buy shoes and that’s basically the same thing!

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