Is There A Summer Sandals Shortage? | Shoetique

The Summer of 2018 has thrown a few surprises our way! A month-long heatwave, England doing well in the world cup – we have never seen anything like it! Along with the beautiful weather comes ciders in the sun, BBQ’s in the garden and of course a whole new summer wardrobe!

Summer Sandals

As we head into yet another week of soaring temperatures, the UK has seen a surge in the sales of Sandals. With companies reporting a 250% increase compared to this period last year. Suppliers and retailers could never have foreseen this unexpected weather and with the usual unpredictability of a British summer, it’s common to keep sandals stock to a minimum. Could we soon see empty shelves in our shoe shops?

The heatwave has seen temperatures sore to Over 30 degrees and it’s only going to get hotter. We can apparently thank Europe, with warm air coming in from the continent causing the unusually sunny weather. The last time we saw a summer this hot was over 40 years ago in 1976 which saw temperatures of over 32 degrees for more than a fortnight.

Don’t panic though, there is still time to get your sandals sorted! Every woman needs a fabulous pair of sandals for the summer and since this year you will get a lot of wear out of them, you have to choose wisely. This is not the year to leave things to the last minute. Don’t miss out on that pair of sandals you have had your eye on for months.

With that being said, why not explore our range of Sandals Here! 

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