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We are all guilty of owning too many pairs of shoes – Some things are just too difficult to resist buying! This is the perfect time of year to add to your collection, with the Summer Sales beginning and the weather warming up. The question is ‘where are you going to store these new purchases?’ Here we have done the research for you and found some amazing Shoe Storage solutions!

Shoetique Storage Hacks

Bookshelves Don’t Just Store Books 

You can pick up an affordable bookshelf from almost any furniture retailer, using a bookshelf is a great way to store shoes while keeping your house neat and tidy. Purchasing a bookshelf rather than a specific Shoe Storage unit will often save you some money too.

Hang Your Shoes Up 

Hanging rails are the perfect place to store shoes if you want to keep them out of sight. If you are struggling for space you can easily purchase an adjustable hanging rail which you could put into the bottom of a wardrobe or cupboard. Trouser hangers can be clipped onto the top of a pair of boots. For shoes or sandals, you will need to do a little DIY with your metal coat hangers.

Underbed Storage 

If you have space for storage under your bed I’m sure you find it somehow gets filled with rubbish that you never use. Instead, why not use it for something useful like your shoes. The main problem with under bed storage is it’s not very accessible and eventually, you will forget about the shoes you once loved. A great solution is to buy boxes with roller wheels on! This way you can store the shoes neatly and just simply roll the box out when you want to wear a pair.

Don’t Hide Them Away 

Storing shoes in boxes in your wardrobe is a fab way of keeping it organised and tidy but can be very impractical. When you’re late for work and rushing out of the house you don’t want to be searching through box after box for those shoes you haven’t worn in a while. Using clear boxes is a much better way to store your shoes as you can see the contents easily. It is also best to store them in categories – keep heels in one box and trainers in another!

The other alternative would be to stop buying shoes – But where is the fun in that!

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