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We see a lot of footwear at Shoetique HQ that it takes something really extra special to grab our attention and make us add it to our ‘Shoetique Wish List’ and start dropping hints to family about  this must-have boot that we would REALLY like for Christmas! Well, the EMU Australia Sandy Bay Fold-Over Boots really are that extra special and are currently the Shoetique’s HQ’s ‘I need these in my life’ must have item, and I can confirm that I am currently wearing my very own pair as I write this blog!



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Originally established in 1948, EMU Australia are best known for their sheepskin and Merino Wool products. One of the very few brands that actually still manufacture their sheepskin boots in Australia (rather than China!) EMU Australia’s products are of the highest quality and outstanding workmanship. The Sheepskin used by EMU is super soft, 100% Australian sheepskin, which is thick, lush and water resistant. It is an entirely natural fibre, which ensures insulation, assists in breathability and helps with odour resistance. I can verify that your feet feel like they are wrapped in soft clouds and stay cosy no matter what the weather, (my boots were put to the test by a fire alarm this morning that saw the entire building outside in the cold for 20 minutes – my feet stayed 100% cosy and warm!).  One thing that many sheepskin boot wearers may not know is that sheepskin boots are made to be worn without socks! Yes, that is right – sock-less! As sheepskin is a totally natural fibre it regulates the temperature of your feet and keeps you cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter and moisture is whipped away, but if you wear socks this natural process is prevented. Of course, if you prefer to wear socks you can, but it’s like your Mum telling you not to wear your coat inside as you won’t feel the benefit when you go outdoors – if you wear socks you won’t get the optimum benefit from the luxurious sheepskin lining!

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The Sandy Bay Fold-Over Boots are my favourite from the EMU Australia collection. They are available in charcoal and oak and not only are they gorgeous just as they are, the upper can be folded over to display the sheepskin lining and to create a totally different spin on the boot and offer a different look – tall boot/short boot, so you can fold up or down, tuck in skinny jeans, wear under trousers or with a favourite  skirt or dress. The top quality Suede uppers look fabulous and the lovely colours on offer make it difficult to choose between them.

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At Shoetique, we are delighted to offer a fantastic range of EMU Australia boots, slippers and accessories – which all come beautifully presented in gift boxes making the ideal gift this Christmas. A stand out present idea is the Emu Mallacoota Gift Set, offering luxury ear muffs and gloves or mittens in chestnut, mushroom or chocolate. Why not complete your look with some accessories and really wrap up warm this winter!

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