Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Now autumn is upon us, it’s time to start thinking of the garden and how to prepare it for the coldest months of the year! You’ll be glad you put a little time aside to take care of your outside space come spring next year when the flowers blossom and the grass glows green! With a few handy tips, you can easily ‘put your garden to bed’ for the winter.

The Lawn

Go over your entire lawn with a rake to remove any moss which will allow it to breathe more freely! If you have a considerably amount of moss you may have a drainage problem and It would be a good idea to use a spike aerator across the grass. Invest in an autumn lawn feeder to give your lawn all the help you can over the winter months!

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Paths and Paving

Once the trees are bare, clear up all the leaves and debris! It’s a lot easier to do when the leaves are crisp and dry. Give your paths and paving a good clean either with a pressure washer or soap and a stiff brush to make it less slippery during the wet winter months.

Ponds and water features

Prevent your pond or water feature from getting clogged up with leaves during the autumn by covering them with a net. If you have fish in your pond then try to be vigilant to ensure that the water surface doesn’t freeze over!

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Snow alert

Whilst the snow may be pretty, it can have a devastating impact on plants and trees! Simply knock of the snow that rests on top of the leaves and branches to prevent severe damage.

Shrubs and trees

Prune away any stray branches on your shrubs to improve their shape and trim your hedges if they need it before the frosts hit. Make sure you get rid of any dead or diseased branches on your trees to prevent the stems from rubbing together and creating wounds.


Maintain garden equipment

Before you store your lawn mower in the back of the shed, it is definitely worth sending it for a service to ensure it is in perfect condition for when you need it next spring. Shears and secateurs needs sharpening and your spades, forks and other tools will benefit from a good wash. Dry them thoroughly and oil the metal parts to prevent rust.


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