Top Gifts to take to a BBQ

BBQWith the BBQ season well underway, we thought we would put together a few gift ideas to take to the next BBQ that you attend to thank the host (and maybe even get yourself another invite) Forget a sharing bag of crisps that you’ve picked up last minute from the corner shop, this year get a little bit more creative and be the best guests your friends and family have ever welcomed.

Citronella-CandleCitronella Candles
Everyone knows just how useful the bug-repellent candles are, especially when the wasps and mozzies come out to play! It’s always really useful to have a stash of these put away and they are often something that a lot of hosts forget about when preparing everything for the evening. You can get these candles in a variety of different designs so they are ideal no matter what the host’s tastes are.



Bottle Opener
These are perfect small gestures of thanks that are affordable and always come in handy. You can usually find one to fit almost any personality too making them a personalised and thoughtful gift!



A Plant
If you’re are husband and wife, bringing a plant to their BBQ caters to both tastes, rather than a pretty bunch of flowers! Plants usually last longer too and many come potted in some lovely looking pots.



Branding Iron
Not a common gift, but definitely a memorable one, a branding iron can be used to sear all your BBQ food with your chosen design. It’s a fun gift that can be used on the day it’s given and the host can use it to brand anything from pie crusts to buns and steaks.


Salad-ServersSalad Servers
There is always a large bowl of salad at a BBQ but are the serving tools always that great? Not usually. Often they consist of two small forks which makes salad spilling inevitable. Treat your hosts to a smart pair of large wooden servers that they can keep and use again and again.
What gifts do you take when you’re invited to a BBQ? We would love to know so tell us on our Facebook or Twitter page!


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