Keep your Garden Wasp-Free

WaspsYou’re outside, the sun is shining and you’re just about to tuck into your freshly made burger when all of a sudden; wasps. They have a knack of coming just as everyone has relaxed and is enjoying themselves. Friends and family can be seen darting across the lawn escaping the “threat” of the wasp and paper towels are being used to swat them away. We have put together a few tips on how to keep your garden wasp free this year for a more relaxing summers evening.

11. Hang up Crumpled brown paper bags
It may seem like a strange tip, but wasps are actually territorial so they will not make a nest where one already exists. Wasps trust what they see and it can prevent them staying around for too long!

22. Make sure your bins are sealed tightly
Wasps are hunters but they can easily become scavengers if the prize is worth it. If they can smell proteins or sugars (their favourites) they are far more likely to be attracted to the bin area. Ensure the lid is always shut tightly to avoid this.


3. Sliced Cucumber
Cucumber actually has an acid property that wasps do not like. Cut up a few slices and leave around the BBQ or picnic area and they will stay away!


4. Avoid leaving sugary drinks/meat outside if you can
Wasps generally live of high protein foods, which is why you often see them once you start cooking on the BBQ. Sugar is another substance that wasps thrive off, especially towards the months of August and September. Keep platters of meat inside as well as your jugs of fruit cocktail!

Tips for you to avoid wasps coming your way!
– Don’t wear bright colours
– Wasps may mistake your clothes for brightly coloured flowers and will hover around you much longer
– Don’t swat at the wasps
– When a wasp dies, it releases a smell that can attract other wasps – you have been warned!
– Avoid overly sweet perfumes
– Wasps love sweet smells and will be more likely to come over to you if you have a sweet scented perfume

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