Crafts for the Kids

Thinking of things to do with the kids every day during the summer holidays can sometimes be a challenge, especially when they weather plays up! We have put together a list of craft ideas for you to do with the little ones that can be done indoors or outdoors that will bring some excitement to those long summer days.


Bubble Painting
You will need:
– A tray or a bowl (big enough for a piece of A4/A5 paper
– Paint
– Washing up liquid
– A drinking straw
– Paper
What to do:
– Mix together a little paint with the washing liquid and add a small amount of water, runny enough to blow bubbles
– Use the drinking straw to make bubbles in the soapy water
– Gently place the paper on top of the bubbles and when they pop, remove the paper and leave to dry. Try it with different colours to create a bright fun picture!


Handprint Strawberry
You will need:
– Red, green and black paint
– Paper
What to do:
– Paint your little ones hands with the red paint. Press them onto the paper with the fingers over lapping
– Using the little fingers, add two green leaves to the top of the strawberry (where the palms join) and finish off with black finger print dots for the seeds!


Puffy Paint Picture
You will need:
– Flour
– Salt
– Water
– Food colouring
– Card
What to do:
– Mix together equal parts flour, salt and water. Divide into a few separate containers and add a couple of drops of food colouring into each
– Spread the paste thickly onto card using cotton buds to create your picture!


Holiday Teddy
Don’t leave the kids favourite teddy at home this year – instead, help your little one get them ready for their summer holiday too. Ted will be equipped with his own sunglasses and suitcase ready for his adventure.
You will need: (for the sunglasses)
– Card
– Stickers/pens
– Elastic
– Tissue paper
– Glue
What to do:
– Cut out the shape of a pair of sunglasses from card and decorate with stickers and colours of your choice
– Cut two small pieces of tissue paper and glue these to the back of the glasses to cover the eye holes
– Make a hole at each side of the mask and tie some elastic through to fit ted’s head

You will need: (For ted’s suitcase)
– An old lunch box
– Stickers
– Paint
What to do:
– Remove the design from the lunch box (or if it’s stuck on, paint over it) and decorate with your choice of stickers and pens for teds very own personalised suitcase.

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