Brain Boosting Foods

Everyone knows that the food you eat can affect your body, but did you also know that the food we eat can impact your brain? By paying more attention to the foods you are eating instead of just consuming calories can help your brain thrive and can also help people with ‘brain fog’. Brain fog is a common term used to describe people who experience symptoms of confusion, forgetfulness and lack of mental clarity! Check out some of these super foods.

Celery is one of the richest sources of luteolin which is a plant compound said to lower the rate of age-related memory loss.Celery

The nitrates found in spinach are essential to increase blood flow to the brain and improve mental performance.

Bee Pollen
The large range of nutrients found in bee pollen makes it a super natural energiser. Pollens are around 40% proteins and are very rich is folic acid and B-complex which can help you go all day long!Bee-Pollen

Coconut Oil
Getting in your healthy fats is essential for your body! Low levels of fats in food can contribute to depression, Alzheimer’s and even dementia. Coconut oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and has been linked to preventing the onset of the above brain disorders.


Sunflower Seeds/Pumpkin Seeds
Both seeds contain a rich mix of protein, omega fatty acids and B vitamins which helps to give you plenty of energy. They can also help boost your mood and combat anxiety and depression. If that wasn’t enough, just one handful of these little seeds will give you your recommended daily amount of zinc which enhances memory skills.

Chia Seeds
These tiny seeds have a lot of power for their size! They are high in protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These seeds can also help to control blood sugar levels and are one of the best sources of fibre you can get.

Whole Grains
Fibre-rich oatmeal, oat bran and brown rice can help stabilise blood sugar levels which means glucose is released slowly into your bloodstream keeping you mentally alert throughout the day.Whole-Grains

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