Back to School Tips for Parents!

With another summer holiday shortly coming to an end, it is time to think about getting the kids ready for another school year. New school stationary, haircuts, and end of summer treats all play a big part in the back-to-school routine. We have put together a few tips to get this new school year off to a great start!

Set up a bedtime and wake-up routine in advance
It’s best to establish bedtimes and wake-up times two weeks before school starts to get into the right routine. Getting the kids up for school will be one less thing for you to worry about!


Ask your kids about their concerns
The start of school is exciting but it can also bring quite a lot of anxiety – especially about the unknown of a new class/teacher etc. Take a couple of minutes to ask your kids what they are looking forward too and if they have any worries at all to clear up any issues that may lead to a bumpy start.School-Kids

Organise clothing
Have a look through your kid’s wardrobe and decide what items you need to give away to charity/throw out and what items you may need more have before school starts. It’s a good time to do it as there is more time to go shopping, rather than rushing it at the weekends!

Set up a staging area
Find a spot in your home to keep everything related to going back to school. This will include rucksacks, uniform, stationary, and books. Try to keep this area free of clutter so that you can easily find items when you need them and so you know what it still left to purchase.


Discuss the first day
About a week before the kids start school, have a chat with them about the type of things they can expect on their first day back! This can help them relax if they know what to expect. You could show them photos of their new teacher if there are any on the schools website so they aren’t daunted with unfamiliar faces.

Get ready the night before school
Make sure the morning of the first day back runs as smoothly as possible by getting everything organised the night before. Make sure all the summer homework (if any) has been completed and make sure the kids backpack is packed up full of their new stationary. Layout the uniform ready to wear and then focus the rest of the evening on having fun and relaxing to make it a special last night of the holidays.


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