What Makes FitFlop™ so Comfortable?

FitFlop-Rola-LifestyleYes, we know FitFlop™ footwear is just incredible at delivering comfort but why? It’s a question we never tire of hearing here at Shoetique, as we love enthusing about the ways in which FitFlop™ make their footwear so foot friendly and comfortable! We explain their smart technologies so you can tell all your friends just how fabulous your shoes are – and not just because they’re gorgeous!

Microwobbleboard™ Midsole
This triple-density midsole offers extraordinary comfort which absorbs shock and diffuses underfoot pressure by increasing the contact area of the foot to the midsole. Check out this pressure map from a foot in a standard shoe and one in a FitFlop™ shoe with the microwobbleboard midsole. Straight away you can see the beneifts from this midsole!



Supercomff™ Midsole
The dual-density midsole technology cleverly allows FitFlop™ to slip incredible comfort and ergonomics into traditionally slimmer shoe shapes allowing them to design even more fabulous shoes that everyone will love. It is designed to diffuse areas of high pressure and is light and flexible too.



Anatomicush™ Midsole
Featuring a single-density layer of anatomically curved cushioning that was developed by the FitFlop™ in-house biomechanist. Offering maximum flexibility and ‘smart-spot contours’ under your heel and forefoot for all day comfort.



Have a question about the FitFlop™ technologies? Give our friendly customer service team a call on 0800 849 7000, or email info@shoetique.co.uk and they will be more than happy to help!

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