Summer Bucket List for the Family

When the kids break up for the summer holidays, it can often be daunting knowing that there are 6 (or sometimes more) weeks that they need entertaining for! It can be hard thinking up ideas on the spot so we think it’s a great idea to come up with a bucket list of all the things, big or small, that you and your family want to do over the summer period. They can range from big things such as taking a trip somewhere to little things like baking. Having the ideas in front of you allows you to plan and organise your days, hopefully leading to a fun and stress free summer for everyone! Have a look at our list below for ideas to get your bucket list started.

• Bake cupcakes
Family-Summer-Tick-List-1• Build a sand castle
• Take a trip to the zoo
• Make fruit smoothies
• Plant something in the garden
• Collect seashells at the beach
• Play on a slip ‘n’ slide
• Make smores around a fire pit
• Make lemonade
• Run through the sprinklers in the garden
• Go on a road trip somewhere
• Have a movie marathon
• Read 3 books
• Go to a drive in cinema
• Have a water balloon fight
• Have an all-day pyjama day
• Go a whole day without using any technology
• Go bowling
• Watch a sunset
• Go on a rollercoaster
• Play mini golf
• Get an ice-cream from an ice cream truck
• Make a fruit salad
• Wash the car
• Paint a picture
• Go strawberry picking
• Have a BBQ
• Camp outside in the garden
• Go on a walk in the park
• Take a trip to a museum
• Play charades
• Fly a kite
• Build a bird feeder
• Make family friendship bracelets

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