Road Trip Game Ideas

If you’re planning a long road trip with the family, or if you know you have a long journey ahead of you over the summer holidays, these fun car games can come in handy! Hours on the road can sometimes be a bore and games can be a great way to get the family chatting and having fun together before the holiday has even begun. We have compiled various games for you to try out the next time you’re on the road…..



Name That Tune
Choose a theme for the game such as movie soundtracks, TV themes or pop songs etc. The chosen person with sing, hum or whistle a selected song from that theme and the rest of the players have to guess what the mystery song is. The first to guess wins!


Mrs Brown’s Cat
A great word game for all the family. Player one starts by saying ‘Mrs Brown’s Cat is…..’ and then chooses an adjective beginning with ‘A’. ‘Mrs Brown’s cat is awful’ etc. Each player has to choose a different word beginning with ‘A’ and until it reaches the first player who then states that Mrs Brown’s Cat is something beginning with ‘B’. Carry on the whole way through the Alphabet (Good luck trying to think of a word beginning with X to describe the cat!)

Yes-No-GameYes No
This game is fun for all ages. One person is chosen to ask the questions, the other answers. During the game, the question asker can ask anything they like, but the person answering is not allowed to say YES or NO! The answers cannot be repeated, something new must be said each time. EG ‘Is your favourite colour blue’ – ‘That is incorrect, I like pink’. Etc.! See how long each person can last.

Fortunately Unfortunately
One Person starts by saying ‘Fortunately’ and mentions something fortunate. The next person has to follow by saying ‘Unfortunately’ and mentioning something unfortunate about the previous statement. Go around the car switching between unfortunate and fortunate situations, if someone stutters or struggles to think of something they get a strike. Three strikes and you’re out! EG. ‘Fortunately, this will be my first time seeing the Grand Canyon – Unfortunately, it was invaded by Martians last week’ etc.


While you were sleeping
This is a perfect game to play if you have some sleepy passengers. Firstly, someone must fall asleep. Once asleep, it is up to the rest of you to come up with a story that you will then tell the sleeping passenger when they are awake – you have to get them to believe the story! If you successfully fool the person, each story teller wins three points! The person with the most points once you reach the destination wins.

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