Must-Have Travel Apps

Travel has been absolutely transformed by the use of smartphone technology and evolution. With so many apps designed to make your trips easier to plan, enjoyable and to keep you well informed and updated, it’s hard to know where to begin. If you’re off on an adventure or just love having plenty of information at the palm of your hand, then these are the apps you need to download!

This app is perfect for group holidays where costs can quickly add up and splitting bills is often essential. Keep track of expenses as you go and as all currencies are supported, (making it great for multi-destination trips) you can mix and match them without having to do the conversion yourselves.



Live Trekker
This app actually allows you to create a digital journal of your travels as you go. You can easily look back on your adventurous trip thanks to its interactive map where you can add pictures, videos, audio and text. The app marks a red line on the map for the exact route that you take allowing you to exactly how you’ve been once the trip is over.



Wolfram Sun Exposure
This detailed app is perfect for the sun conscious person. It allows you to enter your skin type and will tell you how long you should ideally spend in the sun before you run the risk of getting burnt. It bases this on the time of day, the sun cream you’re wearing and the UV forecasts of your location!



Google Translate
This app is most useful on a practical level in that you can quickly translate day to day words that you come across as you travel! You can simply hold your phones camera up to a sign or menu for example and this clever app will translate it for you instantly to the chosen language. This really is an essential.


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