Spring/Summer 16 meets Pastel Palettes

Pastels are a key palette for Spring/Summer 16 – which we are extremely happy about here at Shoetique! Think of candy colours such as cool mints, soft peaches and light lavenders. We love these shades so much, that we think they should be incorporated into all aspects of your life to bring a little touch of summer to everything from your home to your outfit! Pastels look great everywhere, for everyone and every age.

Pastels & Footwear
Its common knowledge that we love shoes, so of course we think that footwear is a great way to add pastels to your look! Check out a few of our favourite styles for this Spring/Summer below (from left to right: Gabor Lanzarote Sandals 43.700.94 Malve, Clarks Womens Desert Boot Pale Green SuedeFitFlop™ Lulu™ ShimmerSuede Sandals Nude). Shop all PastelsPastel-Footwear

Pastels & the Home
Add a soft summer vibe to your home by using pastel shades. You can do this through painting a single wall, adding accessories such as cushions, candles and pictures and putting pastel coloured fresh flowers in vases. The great thing about these shades is that they work well in pretty much all rooms from the kitchen to the living room or bathroom.



Pastels & You
Add pretty pastels to your everyday look with accessories such as earrings and necklaces as well as nail polish and handbags. Even popping on some pastel coloured socks can make you feel feminine and summery! Pastels work really well with metallics too, which is another key trend – think of this next time you’re accessorising an outfit.

Pastels-and-You Pastels-and-You-2

Pastels & the Office
Stuck inside an office all day when the sun is shining outside? Bring the summer feeling to your desk with pastel stationary. It’s not quite the same as actually being outside in the lovely weather, but it’s the next best thing and besides, who doesn’t love stationary?

Pastels-Office Pastels-Office-2

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