Napkin Folding to Impress

With Summer soon approaching, your mind will be turning to eating outdoors and perhaps hosting a dinner party for your friends and family! When you put on a dinner party, you often want to impress which is why we have a variety of different napkin folding techniques to show you. They are all fairly simple to do, but look so amazing on a table full of gorgeous food – your guests will be in awe of your skills.

A Simple Silverware Pouch
1. Lie the napkin face down in front of you
2. Fold the napkin in half and have the open end facing towards you
3. Fold the napkin again to form a square
4. Move the napkin so that the opening is facing away to the left
5. Fold the top layer of the napkin in half diagonally and press down
6. Turn the napkin over so that the open side is facing away to the right
7. Fold the right side back about 1/3rd of the way and press down
8. Fold the left side over about 1/3rd also and tuck the left corner into the right pocket that has formed
9. Flip it over, straighten put in the cutlery!Silverware-Pouch

A Tulip
1. Fold the napkin into a triangle
2. Fold the bottom corner up to the centre of the napkin.
3. Fold both ends diagonally across the middle to overlap each other
4. Then, fold up the two corners that are now facing down so that they cross over at the top
5. Tuck the two sides into each other at the back!


1. Lay a square napkin on the table the wrong side up (if it is wrinkled, don’t worry about ironing it)
2. Fold into a triangle by taking on corner and bringing it up to meet the opposite corner. Have the folded edge of the triangle closest to you
3. Starting with the edge closest to you, roll the entire napkin up
4. Start with one end and roll the napkin around itself until you reach the end
5. Tuck the end of the napkin underneath and into one of the folds in the bottom of the napkin
6. If the centre of the rose is indented, carefully pop it out by adding pressure to the back of the rosette
7. Use a bowl and a real leaf to display your beautiful napkins!



1. Place the open napkin in front of you and fold all four corners into the centre
2. Once you have done this, repeat the process again (image 2)
3. Turn the napkin upside down (image 3) and fold all corners in towards the centre again
4. Gently pull out the previous fold from under each corner (image 5)
5. Carefully pull the corners up of each petal to create complete the flower effect!Waterlily

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