Transform Your Home with Colour

The days are getting longer and the flowers are just about starting to bloom again, slowly but surely. It’s time to start thinking about adding a little colour in to your home. Just a couple of additions here and there can make a big difference and will slowly start to transform your home from winter to spring.

When adding colour into a room, always remember the numbers 60-30-10. 60% of the rooms colour is the walls, 30% is the colouring of the furniture/curtains, and 10% is the accent pieces in the room e.g. cushions, flowers, etc. The girls in the Shoetique office have been looking for the best interior design tips and ideas for the upcoming Spring/Summer.


The simplest (and cheapest) way of adding colour into your home is with accessories.  Think lampshades, cushions, rugs, blankets, pictures and vases! Remember, a little colour goes a long way – so gradually add these pieces in and live with them for a while to see how they change the mood of the room. If you want to add life into your room, look at yellows and reds – If you want to create a more relaxing space, think of pale blues and browns.


Other creative ways to add colour to your home
• Paint your bookshelves to give them a wow factor
• Create a warm welcome by painting your front door
• Frame vintage wallpaper
• Add colour to unexpected places – like the sink!
• Add a trim to your existing curtains
• Paint your ceiling – it can bring sky high ceilings down to a better height


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