Gardening in March

It’s time to put some love and care back in to your garden in preparation for the summer. Who doesn’t want a weed free garden full of stunning flowers and even your own home-grown vegetables if you are feeling adventurous! We spring clean our homes this time of year, so why not refresh your garden too so you can really make the most of it when the weather warms up! The ladies at Shoetique HQ have put together a collection of ideas for you to get started this March to make your garden the best it’s ever been.

Top 5 Jobs to do this Month

1. Plant Summer-flowering bulbs
2. Mow the lawn on dry days
3. Start feeding pond fish and remove the heaters
4. Weeds are back – cut them back before they get out of hand
5. Protect your new shoots from slugs

What should I plant/sow in March?
– Beetroot
– Broad Beans
– Brussels Sprouts
– Leeks
– Lettuce
– Radish
– Parsnips
– Early Turnips



Flowers-2Top row: African Daisy, Achillea, Agrostemma, Amberboa Bottom row: Alyssum, Abutilon, Geraniums, Oriental Poppies

General Maintenance
– Spring clean your garden by getting rid of weeds and moss – boring, but worth it for the rest of the season
– Frosts can still be hazardous so keep vulnerable plants protected at night if a frost is forecast
– Clean and repair your garden tools
– Book the lawn mower in for a service to make sure it will work to its full potential
– Check your garden furniture for any rot and when the weather is a little warmer, treat them with wood preservative
– Open the greenhouse or vents on warmer days
– Deadhead the flowers of any daffodils as they fade

If you love gardening and have any top tips, we would love to hear them! Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter Page.


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