Transform Your Old Shoes!

Transform your old shoes into planters with the Shoetique Blog

Still love your shoes but they’re falling apart? Then fear not, you don’t need to say goodbye just yet. You can turn your worn out shoes into pretty planters in just a few steps here on the Shoetique Blog.

You will need;

  • Cloth
  • Outdoor Acrylic Sealer (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • Paints, stickers (anything you would like to decorate with)
  • Drill, screwdriver or hammer and nail
  • Gravel
  • Well-draining commercial soil
  • seeds
  • Plants of choice


Step 1

Take your old shoes and wipe any loose dirt and debris from the shoe’s upper. Once clean and dry, apply two or three coats of Outdoor Acrylic Sealer to all surface of the shoes (follow sealers instructions). Then apply to the inside of the shoe with a smaller brush. This method allows the shoe to last much longer, you can skip this step if you don’t mind them not lasting as long.


Step 2

It’s decorating time! Add paint, stickers and ribbons to your shoes as your desire. This is a great part for your children to get involved in too.


Step 3

Drill or cut small holes into the sole of the shoe, this provides the plant with drainage. If you don’t have a drill to hand, a screwdriver or hammer and nail does the trick.


Step 4

Pour your soil into the shoe, making sure it fills the toe area first. Fill the shoe leaving 1-2 cms from the top. To get the best results for your planter we recommend using a well-draining commercial mix soil that contains organic material to absorb and retain water.


Step 5

Plant your seeds or small plants as you like. Once planted, make sure to water so that the soil is moist.


Here are some of our favourite examples, feel free to send in your creations and we’ll feature them on here 🙂

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Transform your old shoes with help from the Shoetique Blog



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