Shoetique A-Z of Summer – I is for Isna Pebble

isna pebble blogClarks are a brand known all over the world and they are one of Britain’s best high-end retail shoemakers. Their reputation is one of comfort, style, and affordability so everyone can have great looking and comfortable feet. Clarks are great at making and designing shoes that you can wear all the time, and also afford at all times!


Everyone knows that in order to have the perfect summer, you need a perfect pair of reliable sandals that you can wear day in day out. You need something comfortable, breathable, light, and most importantly affordable. To save you the hassle of searching for this beyond perfect sandal, we have done the hard work for you. Introducing, the Clarks Isna Pebble Sandal!


These great sandals come in two all-purpose colours; Black Leather and Khaki. With adjustable straps both front and back, you can be sure that your foot is secure and comfortable – it also allows for easy on and off, perfect for those on the go! The most comfortable part of the shoe has to be the beautifully cushioned insole. By adding these sandals to your wardrobe this year, you won’t have the aching feet that are often associated with flat summer footwear. The soles of the Isna Pebble Sandal are hard wearing and have a textured rubber sole with added grip, which is great for the most adventurous of us all!


We love these reliable fabulous sandals and we think you will love them too! Have a closer look here


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