Shoetique A-Z of Summer – B is for Brogues

Day 2 of the Shoetique A-Z of Summer!  B is for Brogues ….

What makes a brogue different from any other shoe?  The main characteristics of this timeless shoe are the multiple sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations around the edges.  The Brogue actually originated in Scotland and Ireland and were originally made using untanned hide. The perforations at the time were used to allow any water to drain from the shoes if they were used to cross wet ground.

The word ‘brogue’ at first was only used to describe a type of outdoor walking shoe in the early 20th century, typically worn by men. At this time in history it would have not been appropriate to wear a brogue for any social or business occasions; it was strictly an outdoors shoe.  Gradually over time these classic shoes have become less outdoorsy and more fashionable! They are worn for all sorts of occasions, smart or casual. Brogues have even come in to women’s fashion and are bang on trend this year for a chic preppy look.

We are huge fans of the fabulous brogue at Shoetique and these are the styles we think you’ll love!



Clarks Shoes Hamble Oak Stone Leather

An ultra-feminine brogue which we think is a must-have for your spring-summer wardrobe.





Barbour Men’s Shoes Falstaff Tan

With the classic features of a brogue teamed with the structure of a casual shoe, what’s not to love? Wear with jeans day or night to pull off the perfect smart casual look.





B.A.I.T Shoes Hansel Coral

The modern twist of this brogue styled heal is perfect with summery dresses or a cropped trouser. The classic brogue detailing gives these heals a vintage feel and we love it!

Click here to treat yourself to stylish brogue shoe!

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