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Fashionable, comfortable and most importantly, affordable. For us ladies, looking good often comes with a cost, but that will all change when you take a look at the wonderful FitFlop shoes for £40 or less (yes, you can look fabulous on a budget) Less is definitely more this summer, and we are talking about prices too! The lower the price of the shoe, the more pairs you can buy (right?)   Superjelly Sandals £35-£39 Remember the jelly shoes you wore as a child, … [Read more...]

Getting to Know Skechers

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Founded in 1992, Skechers is one of the fastest growing footwear companies in the USA, and we can see why! With its trendy casual styles and so many variations to choose from, it is so easy to understand the worlds love for Skechers.  Even the celebrities are wearing these wonderfully comfortable active shoes. Kelly Brook and Demi Lovato are two of the faces supporting this brilliant brand and are helping to spread the word that these shoes really are the … [Read more...]

New Styles Have Arrived – The Superjelly

Featured Superjelly

If you are familiar with FitFlop as a brand then you will know and love The Superjelly. Available in a wide range of super pigmented colours, the standard Superjelly is the perfect all-rounder. However, this Spring/Summer has brought us a few variations on the original that we feel need shouting about! The Tie Dye Available in 3 stunning shades, the tie dye version of your favourite Superjelly’s allows you to have more fun with your style. With a pop of colour … [Read more...]

Men’s FitFlop Range

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So the nights are getting longer and the sun is starting to peek out behind the clouds, it’s time to think about footwear for this upcoming season. We have a fantastic range of men’s FitFlop sandals, they’re really is one to suit all! Let’s take a look at some of our fantastic collection. The Fitflop Landsurfer Textile is a cool and casual sandal that would be perfect for everyday summer wear. The black nubuck upper is teamed with soft textile linings and 3 adjustable … [Read more...]

FitFlop – The Supercomff Midsole

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This amazing midsole allows FitFlop™ to discreetly engineer comfort and ergonomics into traditionally slim shoe shapes. Found in FitFlop's FF2™ range, you will be treated to lightweight, flexible and pressure diffusing comfort like no other.   Look out for this on the FF2 outsoles Width Fitting The Slimline Supercomff™ Midsole is standard fitting (D width fit) Shop FitFlop and FF2 here … [Read more...]