Our Promise to You…


One of the most important parts of our business is ensuring that our customers are happy. We are a small business, which means the whole team can sit in one group together, customer service, senior management and the warehouse staff all within easy reach. It means we can easily grab a product to talk you through over the phone, process returns in one day and react to any issues very quickly. We are here to help, so whether it's an issue with a shoe, confusion over pricing or … [Read more...]

Funny Letters To Santa


Every year hundreds of thousands of letters make their way across the world to Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. And while most of them follow the typical “Dear Santa” format, every once in a while there is there is an outlier. These outliers include everything from spiteful tirades to honest inquiries and serious cases of brown nosing. Although some of them are probably just jokes, as you’ll see in a minute, some are also dead serious. Either way though, they make … [Read more...]

Our Favourite Christmas Foods


Nothing inspires more smile inducing conversations than talking about food served at Christmas. People love talking about it, in fact when I mentioned I was writing this blog post the whole office chimed in with their suggestions, normally the request for help falls upon deaf ears. Below are a few of our favourite things  Bacon things: There is nothing more wonderful than bacon wrapped things, prunes, cheese, sausages.... It's the protein rich, sweetness that instantly … [Read more...]